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Hey folks, just to be clear; and to avoid any issues/sanctions for people, (including fines) please make sure the following things are taken care of well in advance of your games to ensure eligibility for all wanting to take part in VISL games.

1)If you are an administrator of a team and you have a youth player on your roster or you want to permit one – you need to have a Criminal Record Check on file. This goes for anybody that is an administrator on the team. No CRC = no youth player allowed to participate. This is the link that you need to go through online to have a check done via our no cost account for volunteers:
Online Link:
Access Code: BNJ3WMPBS5
This takes a fair bit of time, and was the reason I sent out the original notice early in the summer.

2)Further to the above needed CRC, any youth player needs to have a Parental Liability form on file and sent to my email.
No form on file = not eligible to play. This form is available on the website under the resources tab, then select documents. Scroll down the list of options and you will see it approximately half way down the page.
Should you play a youth player and not have the appropriate paperwork on file, you will be sanctioned and it will include a minimum $50.00 fine.

3)All referees require a current CRC on file. Referee’s are unable to be scheduled to officiate unless I have that CRC on file. Once I receive notification for a referee, I send it to the referee. (This way it can be shared as well) If I have not sent it to you – I do not have yours. At this time, we have 24 Referee’s that are able to do VISL games. This is a low number…..very much lower than last year.
******Teams, be prepared to ref a game (or be an A/R) should one not show up for your match.*******
Both teams may choose to officiate 1 half each, but this is up to the home team to sort out.

4)Insurance policy from BC Soccer that is needed to book some fields – is also located on the website under resources, then documents. You will need to scroll down near to the bottom to access it.

5)ID Cards – as discussed at the Organizational meeting, ID Cards are needed by all wanting to participate. The cost is $5.00 for any type of card made for a returning player, new player, administrator,……..anybody on the team list. There are a couple exceptions like a new player (having not played in VISL during the past 10 years) has a 1 game reprieve. There are other rules to go with that – have a read of it under the Rules & Regulations or Team Handbook. A late arriving player needs to have their ID card checked by the official before they enter the field. A live version of the Team List may be used as an ID card – please ensure there is a picture on the website for all your players.

6)Umbro Game Balls – all teams have not yet picked up their new game balls. Contact me to sort out a pick up at my house, at a field I may be going to, or at Soccerworld. They are $80.00 each and all teams are to receive 2. I also have a handful of the older version available. They are also an approved game ball in addition to the new game ball. They are being sold at 2 for $100.00

7)Paperwork – read the Handbook that is on the website under resources, then documents. It will explain what is expected at games and how important the team list is as it requires a fair amount of information. Div 1 & 2 teams – you are required to do a little more, let me know if you need substitution slips.
Don’t be a victim and lose a game via technicality or get unnecessary fines because of screw-ups – they are avoidable.

Once you get into the routine of this and cross the things off your list, you should be able to enjoy the game and maybe a beverage or 2!
Hope the opening weekend goes off well!

Vince Greco
VISL President
Cell: 250-889-1213

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Opening Weekend this Friday Sept 8/2017

Posted by Vince Greco at Sep 4, 2017 11:59PM PDT

Almost all local soccer opens this weekend at a variety of parks across Vancouver Island, as well as Saltspring, Penelakut, and Powell River. As we enter our 122nd year, the one thing that does not grow old – the excitement of the first game!
81 teams across 10 different divisions of play.
This year has already had some excitement as the off season had several players exercise the “free agent” market and many have decided to move to other teams. This will no doubt add an extra element to the games that take place.
Our flagship division; Division 1, has a different flavor to it this year. It still has defending Garrison Cup Divisional Champions Cowichan FC. It still has Jackson Cup Champions Nanaimo FC. It still has defending McGavin Cup Champions Gorge. There are 2 new teams into the fold; they are once very dominating Vantreights and the newer kids on the block – Westcastle United.
Here is what is on tap for the opening weekend sponsored by Teamsales:

Friday, September 8th, 2017
07:00 PM
Lakehill FC – (D1) @ Gorge FC – (D1)
Hampton Park **
08:00 PM
VI Wave – (D1) @ Bays United Liquor Plus – (D1)
Oak Bay High School

Saturday, September 9th, 2017
04:00 PM
Westcastle United – (D1) @ Cowichan FC – (D1)
Sherman Road
07:00 PM
Comox Valley United – (D1) @ Nanaimo United FC – (D1)
Merle Logan Turf

Sunday, September 10th, 2017
02:00 PM
Vic West FC – (D1) @ Vantreights – (D1)
Finlayson Turf

**Our Game of the Week – has a revitalized Lakehill FC group vs the defending McGavin Cup Champions Gorge FC.
Lakehill was busy in the offseason and have picked up some new players; of note, a handful from the Cowichan United team that had an excellent year winning Division 2 last year. Gorge will be back with the solid core of players from last year that narrowly missed on qualifying for BC Soccer Provincial Cup.
Our Game of the Week is sponsored by 1550’s Pub Style Restaurant and Heineken. Game MVP will be treated to promotional goods from both of those Gold Partners to the VISL.

We look forward to an exciting weekend and year ahead and hope you do as well.

Support local soccer and the community.

Vince Greco
VISL President
Cell: 250-889-1213

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Game Schedules

Posted by Vancouver Island Soccer League at Aug 27, 2017 3:57PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The schedules for all Divisions are now posted. (or portions of) Please contact the League Scheduler if there are conflicts, otherwise contact your Score Recorder for all other matters regarding games.

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2017 / 2018 Key Dates

Posted by Vince Greco at Aug 19, 2017 10:15AM PDT

Attached you will see a Key Dates Listing.
This is the direction we plan to go should everything go according to plan.
As we experienced last year, sometimes things do not go according to plan and we have to adjust some. Hopefully that does not happen again!
There are still some details to confirm like Cup Finals venue and times, but the weekend should be the one listed.
Any questions can be emailed to me in advance of the meeting if possible.

We hope to have the website rolled over this morning by TeamPages, we then can proceed with giving out passwords so teams that have paid can start registering their players and admin.
If you are not playing this year and do not get registered, you will no longer receive the emails with League business.

Vince Greco
VISL President
Cell: 250-889-1213

The document VISL_2017-2018_Key_Dates.doc was attached to this post.

Monday is approaching quickly, we hope to see all at the Organizational Meeting that starts at 7 pm at Club Distrikt in the basement of the Strathcona Hotel. Doors will be open at 6:30 if you want to avoid the rush. This is a mandatory meeting for all teams south of the Malahat and we also encourage north of the Malahat teams to attend as well.

-Attached is the Agenda for the evening.
-Sign in sheets will be at the front door.
-Please bring Registration $ payable to Vancouver Island Soccer League.
-Umbro game balls will be available for pickup if an email is sent to by Sunday night. Please bring your $ for them.
-Hopefully the website will be up and running and we can give out registration passwords.

Here are the teams on tap for the upcoming year; hopefully no more changes:

Bays United Liquor Plus FC Div 1
Comox Valley United Div 1
Cowichan FC Div 1
Gorge FC Div 1
Lakehill FC Div 1
Nanaimo United FC Div 1
Vantreights FC Div 1
VI Wave Div 1
Vic West Div 1
Westcastle Div 1

Fernwood Town Div 2
Gorge United Div 2
Juan de Fuca Div 2
Lakehill Div 2
Mid Isle Mariners Div 2
Nanaimo United FC Div 2
Prospect Lake Lakers Div 2
Saanich Fusion Div 2
Sooke (Fred Milne) Rangers Div 2
Vic West Casuals Div 2

Powell River.
JDF Pilgrims
Prospect Lake Kaltire.
Gorge Us-Guys
Vic West Beavers.
FC Sagres
Bays Utd


Campbell River
SF Colonial
Saanich Braves
Prospect Lake Lakers
Gorge FC

JDF Bombers.
Prospect Lake Lakers
SF Spartans.
Bays Utd
Vic West Casualest.

JDF United
Prospect Lake Lakers (new)
SF Squadron
Nanaimo FC
FC Sagres
Penelakut Utd

Cowichan 49ers Masters A
Gorge FC Backfit Masters A
Nanaimo United FC Masters A
UVic Alumni Masters A

Castaways Juniors Masters B
CB Red Barn Bobcats Masters B
Cowichan Steelheads Masters B
Fernwood Dragons Masters B
Gorge Masters B [NEW TEAM]
Juan de Fuca Orange Masters B
Lakehill Monkey Tree Masters B
Peninsula FC Masters B
Prospect Lake Lakers Masters B
SFFC Internationals Masters B
Vic West H2X Consulting Masters B

Bays United FC Masters C
CB Bobcats Alumni Masters C
SFFC Forest Masters C
Vic West FC Masters C

Bays United U21
Cowichan United U21
Juan de Fuca U21
Lakehill U21
Lakers U21
Mid Isle Mariners U21
Vic West U21

Have a good weekend.

Vince Greco
VISL President
Cell: 250-889-1213

The document VISL_ORG_2017_AGENDA.doc was attached to this post.