Online Registration

Posted by Fraser Sim on Aug 27 2015 at 01:00PM PDT

As there are some new Managers/Coaches and some new teams, here are an few instructions to help you log in to the website and register your players.

1) You must first sign up for the VISL website itself otherwise some areas of the website will not be available to you. Click on the link at the top right of the home page and fill out the information required. Once you have submitted this, you can then sign into the website. At this point, the Online Registration tab (under Links) can now be seen. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see the Online Registration tab in the Links section, you have not signed into the website.
NEW Team Admins will have to get an invitation from the Website admin to be Team Administrators. Do not hesitate to accept this invitation as it will delay your ability to sign your players.
2) For those who have previously signed up and are having difficulty signing in, please try re-setting your password. If you have further difficulties, please contact Fraser Sim @
3) Once signed into the VISL website, click on the Online Registration tab and select your team under the appropriate division and enter the password given to you by the League treasurer Keith Smith when you paid the League dues. This password is specific to each team so if you are having problems, please make sure you have selected the proper team in the proper division.
4)Managers/coaches can enter themselves under Managers and Coaches at this point.
5)Start signing your players by clicking on “add a player here” and entering their Player ID# or the player’s name. PLEASE NOTE: If you know the player played previously in the VISL but cannot find him let Fraser Sim or Cees van Delft know BEFORE entering them as a NEW player.
6)When entering a player who is NEW to the Vancouver Island Soccer League, ALL information must be entered on the form.

Hope this helps and good luck for the upcoming season.


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