Youth & Intra League permits

Posted by Vince Greco on Oct 18 2015 at 12:14PM PDT

Wanted to clarify a couple things regarding permits that we use to call up players from other teams.
It should be noted that we have moved to the online permit as the procedure and process moving forward. (As discussed at the last League wide Organizational meeting)
There are the 2 types of permits that are slightly different. All permits must be filled out and submitted by the registered team official of a team and the official that has their email address registered with the League and their team page.

For the permits of players that are playing within the Lower Island Soccer League (L.I.S.A.) the person that is requesting the player that is U-18 or younger must have a current criminal record check (CRC) on file at the LISA office. If you have one done within your own association, it can be copied or shared with the LISA office. The person that is applying for a youth player to play with their team is saying that they will be at the park and are taking care of the youth player that is playing up with them. These permit requests must be in to the LISA office 24 hours prior to game time. The office is open Monday – Friday. So that means the team that is releasing the player must digitally accept the permit request 24 hours before the game in question. If everything checks out …..(the player is eligible and not suspended, in good standing, a CRC on file for the person making request, and within the 24 hour time frame)the LISA authority will accept, as will the VISL – then you print out 2 copies and bring to the referee at the game. 1 if for the ref, and 1 is for the opposition. Referees should be making a note of this in their game report and all is fine. There is a limit to 3 youth players that can be called up to play for a Senior team. All permits must be done online. 1 exception is if the website is down – you can then use a pre printed copy of a permit, run around town to get signatures, then bring 2 copies to the game. If the website is down, please make sure you inform a League official. (myself & Fraser Sim)

For Intra League permits – a higher division team permitting from a lower division within their club or a higher division team permitting a player from our U21 division – the online permit is mandatory as well. We track all usages and this is also our way of determining over usage or not. With this permit, there is no 24 hour advance rule – it can be completed right up until it is time to give the referees the team paperwork during ID card checks. Again, with this rule – we acknowledge that there might be a last minute decision to permit a player as your own team members have not arrived. We also know that the website may be down for whatever reason. So again, go ahead and fill out a permit that you have in your folder for this occasion. Submit 2 copies to the referee – but it must be also completed online asap. Don’t forget to fulfill this last part, is part of the permitting process.
Remember to send a message or email to Fraser Sim or myself if you are encountering any issues with the website. The referees will document the permits in their game report. If for some reason the online report has not been completed, there will be a bad paperwork/form fine assessed. This is different than using an ineligible player – protests submitted for failure of a team to provide the paperwork for a duly registered member will result in a fine only – not reversing a game result or issuing long term suspensions.

This online permit is intended to help the league and all teams keep track of permitted players to avoid any confusion moving forward. It also is intended to stop teams from running around looking for signatures and releases.
The forms are available online under permits. The printable form is available online under resources, then documents.
Hopefully this all makes sense – if not, feel free to drop me an email.

Vince Greco
VISL President