Another Ref Entry Clinic - VISL will sponsor members (with conditions)

Posted by Vince Greco on Dec 07 2015 at 03:04PM PST

So you might wonder where some of that fine $ may go – here is 1 place where we like to spend it. (Besides Executive trips to resorts in Cuba)
Upon completion, passing, and proof of payment submitted – we will reimburse VISL members who take this course 50% of the cost.
See below for details.

An Entry Level Clinic is being hosted by the Gorge Soccer Association on Jan 8-10th.

The Entry Level Referee Clinic is the entry point into 11 a-side soccer. Once an individual is successful in passing this clinic they will be classified as a Youth Referee (if they are 14 or 15 years old) or a District Referee (if they are 16 years old or older).

The goal of this three day clinic is to ensure that individuals who pass are capable to be either a Referee or an Assistant Referee in 11 a-side soccer. This is done with experienced referee instructors who use video educational material and practical on field sessions. The topics covered include, but are not limited to the Laws of the Game, Positioning, Signals, Administration of the game, and Pre-Match Preparation & Match Reporting. Successful individuals have their first year’s registration free.

Pre-requisite: Minimum 14 Years old by or on the day of the clinic
Clinic Length: 17 hours
Clinic Time: Friday 6pm – 10pm – Saturday 9am – 5pm – Sunday 9am – 2pm
Clinic Fee: $125.00 (plus a $4.25 user fee / system processing fee)

Register via the BC Soccer Association website ( under Referee tab (Referee Clinics.)