BC Provincial Cup

Posted by Vince Greco on Jan 18 2016 at 04:18PM PST

VISL BC Provincial Cup Berths

A Cup – 5 spots
B Cup – 4 spots
Masters – 4 spots
U-21 – 4 spots.

In each Cup, we will have 1 team that gets a seed ……so a home game to start for sure.
This typically goes to the highest placing team within our VISL divisions.

Spots are earned by reaching the Final of your individual Cup, as well as the top placing teams within your division.
If there is duplication by which teams get to our local Cup Final and the top 2 or 3 teams in the division, then we will go to the next highest placed team within the division.

Finals will be at Westhills in Langford, not at Layritz like we had originally hoped for.

I will send out the documents, but a FYI to teams that get entered – you will need to fill out all the necessary paperwork ahead of the draw.
No paperwork = a fine from BC Soccer = us passing it on to you…….with an administration fee / tax / tip added on top.
If your team is in line to qualify, please advise early if you are unable to fulfill the commitment.

Looking forward to our 3rd season…..after our 2nd season is completed of course.


2016-02-04T14:42:38-08:00February 04 2016, at 02:42 PM PST, Vince Greco said:

Adult Provincial Cup Dates

Preliminary Round: April 16/17
Round of 16: April 23/24
Quarter Finals: April 30/May 1
Semi Finals: May 7/8

Men’s Provincial Cup Finals
Date: May 14, 2016
Location: Westhills Stadium & Goudy Turf, Langford (Victoria), BC

Game Field Time
Keith Millar (B) Cup 1-Westhills 10:30am
Doug Day (U21) Cup 2-Goudy 12:00pm
Deryl Hughes (35+) Cup 1-Westhills 1:00pm
Men’s Premier (A) Cup 1-Westhills 3:30pm

Women’s Provincial Cup Finals
Date: May 15, 2016
Location: Westhills Stadium & Goudy Turf, Langford (Victoria), BC
Game Field Time
Leeta Sokalski (B) Cup 1-Westhills 10:30am
Women’s U21 Cup 2-Goudy 12:00pm
Women’s Classics (30+) Cup 1-Westhills 1:00pm
Women’s Premier (A) Cup 1-Westhills 3:30pm