VISL's McGavin Cup

Posted by Vince Greco on Aug 12 2016 at 03:47PM PDT

It is open to any VISL team except for the top 4 finishing teams from Div 1 last year.

Same rules as last year -

Permits are fine – players just need to be registered.
Cup tied rules in effect so you cannot play on different teams within the competition.
Same idea as last year……hopefully the weather cooperates with fields.
Games will be scattered wherever we can find a field or wherever teams can supply a field.
Most will take place at Blanshard/Topaz/Glasgow.
Kickoff times will be early – 5:30 or 6 pm at latest. Halves might be knocked back to 40 minutes.

So first come first serve, email me your intentions of entry to
First 12 teams are in, after that it is up in the air.
16 teams would work well to if we can squeeze all the games in.
Cost will be the same as last year – $100.00
Supply an A/R for the first & second game, then official crews of 3 for the following rounds.
All rounds will be drawn from a hat.

Vince Greco


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