Team Affiliation form due, updates, special offers, prevention.

Posted by Vince Greco on Oct 10 2016 at 11:13AM PDT

Happy Thanksgiving to all, hopefully a happy time to share with families!

Some notes:

1)Team Affiliation form due this Wednesday Oct 12. You can find & fill it out from the form that is located on the website under the resources tab, then documents, the first form on the list. Save $50.00 by getting it in by Wednesday night.
Email completed forms to
2)There is another night set up for concussion baseline testing. This is a no charge to our members as it is part of our sponsorship agreement. It will be on Thursday Oct 27, 6 pm at the Gordon Head Lifemark location at 3941 Shelbourne St.
Movement Assessment Testing is also available through us – again at a no charge.
Email if you want to be put on the concussion baseline testing list or receive the movement assessment instructions . (We highly recommend it and hope members can do some smart preventative measures to ensure safety down the road)
3)Just a reminder – no drinking at public parks and especially at fields where there is a school. We are fortunate to have access to a lot of turf fields, lets not put the use of these fields in jeopardy.
4)There has been too many fines for teams that have not followed up on reading the rules/regs or the team managers handbook. Again, please read the rules. Some things cannot be avoided, but most can if you read the rules and know what you are doing. We do not want to give out fines, but you obviously know that we will if there has been a violation. (This includes, but definitely not limited to, the process for rescheduling a game)
5)ID Cards – again, read the policy that was put together for your easy reference. Make a photocopy of your team cards on 2 or 3 pieces of paper. (You can probably fit 10 to a page) If you really want to be safe, make sure 2 or 3 guys have a copy. It will save you $250.00 minimum – and a forfeit. We are looking at having another digital type solution in the future – but is definitely not happening this year.
6)McGavin Cup Semi Finals approaching. Tuesday Oct 25 at Adam Kerr Stadium.
-—6 pm will be Saanich Fusion Old School Masters A vs Vic West Div 1.
-—8 pm will be Prospect Lake Div 2 vs Gorge Div 1.
7)New sponsor announcement – Peninsula Signs. Susan Norman is part owner and is located on Henry Ave in Sidney. A local outfit that does great work. Check them out at
8)Our sponsor KalTire has a great deal for anybody that goes in to purchase & install tires. Any location across BC, say that you are with the VISL and quote VIP Account #001V090287. T’is the season – especially if you are traveling the Malahat!
9)We are making an effort to be involved with media a bit more. We have started the Game of the Week and we promote via twitter, facebook, website, ISN , 1550’s Pub, Heineken, and hopefully more in the near future.
10)Teams are getting more involved with social media – and it has been fun jumping on board. Weather it be Cowichan and team updates, Sagres and their team news conferences, or Comox with their draws – it is all good.
Follow and tag the 2 people that do most of the twitter business – @vincenzo25 & @VISLinfo
As more people start following we will do giveaways to people that are frequent posters and that post quality content.
Our facebook page to like and follow is:
11)We are members of BC Soccer & CSA – so we follow their rules pretty closely.
Our insurance is through Allsport Insurance via BC Soccer. (Policy is on the website under resources/documents)
It should be noted that the rules state and that our policy states that you are only covered by the insurance when you are playing other teams/groups that are VISL / BC Soccer / CSA sanctioned. Be careful to adhere to this rule and policy as we want to make sure you are covered and following the rules at all times.
If this is to change or a different interpretation comes out – we will make sure to forward it on.

I think that covers a lot of the news that needs to get out.
Any questions, contact your score recorder for divisional related needs.
Or, contact me on the above noted points 1 – 11.

Vince Greco
VISL President


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