McGavin Cup Semi's

Posted by Vince Greco on Oct 25 2016 at 08:39AM PDT

Tonight – Tuesday Oct 25/2016 @ Adam Kerr Stadium.

6 pm will be Saanich Fusion Old School Masters A vs Vic West Div 1.
8 pm will be Prospect Lake Div 2 vs Gorge Div 1.

Still 90’, and still straight to PK’s if tied.
Still unlimited subs – just not on the fly.

There will be a game MVP per match, and they will receive a gift certificate from 1550’s Pub Style Restaurant.
Trying to bring in the extra stands from UVic…….

Good luck.


2016-10-29T10:53:39-07:00October 29 2016, at 10:53 AM PDT, Vince Greco said:

Couple beauty games on Tuesday night. Was hard to keep up with the tweets that I was sending out via @vincenzo25

Game #1 had the SF Old School Masters A defeat Vic West in Pk’s.
Score was 2-2 before PK’s sorted out a winner.
Vic West did use the occasion to use some newer players and check out some younger guys – Saanich Fusion had a really good game.
A highlite of the nite was the goal that Matt Pye scored from around 38 yards out. A screamer that was bar, down and in. Was a beauty! As mentioned and tweeted out – there was some PK misses and PK’s saved. I have no doubt (as did the panel selecting) that Scott Samuelson was the game MVP….and as mentioned, even before getting to PK’s. He kept SFOS in the game when Vic West looked to have at least 2 or 3 more goals. Stopping a PK or 2 only made it look better.
Lots of fouls, lots of discussion weather things were fouls or not and who was unjustly fouled…..all in all, a great game to watch and witness. Yes an upset no matter which way you look at it.
Saanich Fusion go on to face Gorge Div 1 and try to upset another team. They will have their work cut out for them.
Mind you – game 2 of the night started out looking like another upset was in the cards. Prospect Lake Div 2 scored 2 goals between 5’ – 10’. Was a crazy start and goals were well deserved. I loved seeing the fight between the 2 teams and guys working hard. There was a couple sub stories happening out there – must admit that was fun to take in as well. Up 2-0, PL’s back line was pretty solid, as was their Keeper. They were busy and keeping Gorge off the score sheet. They relied on some countering chances but went in HT with a 2-0 lead. PL had a chance to make it 3-0 and I think then really park the bus and ride out the win for the last 30 mins. A big save from Deron kept it at 2-0 and allowed Gorge to get back into it. Dominic Colantonio & Jon Shah (am finally spelling that right) were dangerous especially in 2H and they were rewarded for their hard work. After equalizing, the pressure from Gorge was too steady and they ended up scoring a couple more to win 4-2. PL Keeper (Watson?) and Massey had good games for PL, Jon Shah was in the conversation for MVP- eventually the panel decided that Dominic Colantonio receive the nod. He survived several whacks throughout the night too!

A good double header to take in.
Final TBD – will hopefully be at Adam Kerr Stadium as there is all the extra bleachers that were trucked in for the semis.
Will most likely be on a Tuesday at 7 pm…….hopefully in November.

Well done to all 4 teams on the evening.