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Posted by Vince Greco on Nov 15 2016 at 09:57PM PST

A monthly reminder memo – this will have new content.
Apologies in advance for length and amount of info.
This is being sent out to all VISL members as well as referee’s.

1)Not a new rule, but very much on our radar again. Goal posts on grass fields need to be secured.
Portable goal posts must be secured by the use of chain anchors, anchor weights, or sandbags to prevent them from toppling forward. This weekend will be a soft roll out of the rule – in other words, you will have this weekend to get something together. We strongly suggest anchors on the grass field instead of hauling 40 pound sandbags. So this means that if goals are not secured by Friday Nov 25 games – the referee is not to allow the game to be played and the offending team will forfeit the game
2)CRC’s – so if you permit a Youth player from LISA or UISA, you need your CRC on file with the soccer office or League.
No updated CRC on file = no permit allowed.
Something we need to start enforcing right away – if you have a Youth player registered on your team – you need to have your CRC on file with the League. (I am collecting those) I can email you an electronic CRC application and you can submit online. You may have to go in to a department to get fingerprinting done as well. Email me and I can send that to you at no charge. This process needs to be started by Friday Nov 25. If it has not been initiated, the youth players will not be able to participate in the VISL game. So to initiate – please email me requesting the link and I will send it to you. ( )
3*)Parental Liability Forms* – Need to be filled out asap if you have a youth player on your team. These will be due by Thursday December 1. If you do not have that form in, the underage player will not be able to participate in your Adult game. I am collecting those, please fill out the correct up to date form and email to me.
Here is some information from BC Soccer regarding age classifications and what is expected of us:

As per the definitions in BC Soccer’s Rule & Regulations, “adult” shall mean an individual who has reached the age of 18 year and “youth” shall mean an individual who has not reached the age of 18 years. As stated in “Rule 2 – Player Age Limits

a) A player’s age category is determined by the age a player attains on or after the first day of January (January 1) of the current calendar year.
b) The current calendar year is the year in which play ends.”

The Parental Liability Acknowledgement form on the BC Soccer Website states the parent’s acknowledgement of their child “who has not reached the age of majority (18), in an Adult (Senior) League sanctioned by BC Soccer.” To clarify, a 17 year-old who would turn 18 by the end of the season would register in an adult league and would need a Parental Liability Acknowledgement form. A youth aged player permitting to an adult league or registering as an adult should complete one Parental Liability Acknowledgement form per season as applies.

The coach of an adult team that has a youth aged player on its roster either by registration or permit requires a Criminal Record Check on file as per “Rule 21 – Risk Management

I am attaching a Parental Liability Form for your convenience – it is also on our website under resources – documents.
Remember to submit to

4)Uniforms – Teams are asked to have 2 sets of kit. The referee may ask you to change uniforms if they conflict with the opposition. Home team is to switch if there is a conflict. If you as the home team have any doubt as to what color your opposition is – contact them to see what they are wearing. If by looking at their primary and secondary uniforms you see no color issue, no contact is necessary. If there is a chance that your opposition is wearing their primary or secondary kit – make sure you clarify in advance as the home team will need to switch at the park.

5)We are short on referee’s – especially up island. There has not been any casualties to date – but just a reminder that if a referee does not show – it is up to the home team to provide somebody to officiate the game – and then send in a report with some details as to what happened during the game. The home team can; if they choose, split the game with the opposition if both teams have somebody available. Bottom line though – home team needs to be prepared to referee the game or else there is a forfeit.

6)Intra League Permits – Teams look like they are using the online system nicely. A reminder that the online permit system is mandatory for all League games. A reminder to print out some of the backup forms in case the website is down. This will allow you to still call up a player the old fashioned way. The information can be inputted into the system when the website is back up and running.
Another reminder that all divisions can only permit up 5 times to a division above them. (except U21 as they are not restricted by any number) So if you are registered with your clubs Masters team, you can permit up to every division if you have teams in all of them. You can only permit up 5 times per division though – and that number is accumulative even if you transfer. (like accumulating yellow cards and they travel with you)

7)ID Cards and grace periods for game starts. It is requested that you have all the necessary paperwork and field equipment ready to go for your game 15 minutes before kickoff. The grace period is that 15 minutes leading up to kickoff time. If things are held up, you may receive a $50.00 fine for holding things up. (I cannot recall one of those yet) Should game time come, and there are no ID cards, uniforms, or players available – the game is to be a forfeit.
So if a game is 7 pm kickoff, hopefully the latest a ref gets the ID Cards and paperwork is 6:45 pm. Come 7 pm, they have been instructed to mark the game down as a forfeit. If teams are wanting to stay and play an exhibition, the referee will stay as well.

8)Game rescheduling – teams seem to have the hang of this now and are doing it according to the rules. It should be noted that games need to be played. The more that get pushed off till later in the year will increase the chances of teams having to play 2 games in 1 weekend………especially when Cup play starts for most teams on Feb 10/2017 weekend.

9)Finally – hopefully team admin (and players for that matter) have had a chance to read the rules. It definitely helps when the time comes to make a decision for your team.

10) Sponsor deals of the month. (Offer valid till Dec 31/2016)
-If you sell your property through our Victoria Properties Reimax Camosun Team of Andrew Holenchuk & Jeff Meyer – you will receive an additional $250.00 from the League for moving expenses.
-If you buy a new set of Tires from our sponsor Kal Tire and use VIP account number #001V090287, you will receive $75.00 from the League to help offset costs.
-If you renew your house insurance through Hendry Swinton McKenzie Insurance – you will receive_ $75.00_ from the League to help pay for the growing costs of staying insured.
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*If you have a Heineken, you will no longer feel thirsty.

Stay dry if you can !!

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