2016 Xmas Holidays, Makeup games, All-stars, and 2017 Startup & notes.

Posted by Vince Greco on Dec 18 2016 at 03:45PM PST

On behalf on your VISL Executive and Board of Directors – best wishes to all our members and their families for a joyous Xmas and prosperous New Year.

-The last couple weeks have been pretty tough with weather and there has been a lot of games cancelled. They have all been temporarily placed at Jan 1 & 2. Feel free to go through the list and contact opposition and reschedule if you can – if not, the League will get to it for you shortly. There is no doubt that some teams will have to play 2 times in a weekend, be prepared to see that pop up. Also, please note that Cup play will start the weekend of Feb 10/2017.
If both teams are in agreement – there is the Jan 13 weekend that is pretty wide open if you have a turf field.

-You may or may not receive your Xmas wish – but if a wish is for a transfer; please remember it must be done by Jan 15/2017. All components to a proper transfer can be done in the soccer office right up to Friday Jan 13, or online right up till the 15th.

-You may have another Xmas wish on your list – Highlanders Season Tickets ?? If so, check out their website or go directly to purchase at: $70.00 for adults, $50.00 for youth/students.

-Congrats to the individuals selected to represent the VISL in the 2 All-star games on the road this year vs FVSL.
2016/2017 VISL Open Allstars:
Blair Sturrock – VI Wave
Paddy Grieg – Nanaimo
Riley Oneil – Vic West
Bryan Taylor – Vic West
Mathias Raps – Vic West
Nathan Bird – Vic West
Kean de Vries – Lakehill
Wes Barrett – Bays Utd
Alex Redpath – Bays Utd
Ia1n Walker – Gorge
Jon Shah – Gorge
Dominic Colontonio – Gorge
Govinda Innes – Cowichan
Craig Gorman – Cowichan
Steve Scott – Cowichan
Cooper Barry – Cowichan
Tyler Hughes – Cowichan
Kevan Brown – Cowichan
Patrick Nelson – Cowichan
Coach – Glen Martin – Cowichan
Manager – Neall Rowlings – Cowichan
Sponsor – Grant Olson – Strathcona Hotel
Uniform – Blue Umbro
Game – January 7th, 2017 @ Newton Athletic Park. 3:15 pm

-The team selected to try and win the Masters Title for the 4th year in a row:
2016/2017 VISL Masters Allstars:
Richard Lord – Cowichan 49ers
George Thomas – Cowichan 49ers
Rob McIntyre – Cowichan 49ers
Darcy Kulai – Cowichan 49ers
Ryan Fusick – Cowichan 49ers
Robbie Veenhof – Gorge FC Backfit
Nando Dunic – UVic Alumni
Will Moore – UVic Alumni
Jason Owen – UVic Alumni
Stef Olcen – UVic Alumni
Mike Hoffman – UVic Alumni
Sean Battistoni – UVic Alumni
Todd Vass – Nanaimo United
Jeevan Manhas – Saanich Fusion Old School
Elcidio Cabral – Saanich Fusion Old School
Steph Steiner – Saanich Fusion Old School
Matt Pye – Saanich Fusion Old School
Jeff Brown – Cordova Bay Bobcats
Scott Travers – Cordova Bay Bobcats
Coach – Kevin James – Cowichan
Manager – Brian Williams – Gorge FC Backfit
Sponsor – Moreno Stefani – Team Sales
Uniform – Blue/White Umbro
Game – January 7th, 2017 @ Newton Athletic Park. 1pm

- Reminder that we have asked all referee’s to enforce the anchoring of goals on all the grass fields. Don’t get to a game with no anchor and then forced to forfeit. This might be a good time to make sure you have an extra set of photocopied ID Cards with another team member or 2……that will also save a forfeit.

-Last reminder – the Semi Annual / Cup Draw meeting is on Monday January 9/2017 in Club Distrikt of the Strathcona Hotel. Start time of 7 pm, feel free to show up a little early to get signed in. Outstanding fines and $ owing will also be due before the Cup Draw. If $ owed is not paid, teams will be ineligible for Cup entry.
Treasurer Keith Smith will post an up to date owe list soon, and Secretary Jake Nemec will post an agenda as well.

Thanks to all the team admin for putting in the time for the betterment of others, good luck on the restart, and again – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Vince Greco
VISL President


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