AGM Agenda and Board Proposed Constitution & Bylaws Changes

Posted by Vince Greco on May 16 2017 at 10:16PM PDT

As communicated on April 29, here is the proposed changes to the Constitution & Bylaws for membership approval.
This was done to align with new Societies Act Legislation rolled out November of 2016.
In an attempt to stay somewhat green, we will not print out copies for everybody. Please have a look and bring forward any questions on AGM night. We hope to have it passed, then update the website shortly afterwards should membership decide to print a copy or strictly view online.

Below is the Agenda for the AGM on Tuesday May 30, 7 pm start in Distrikt of the Strathcona Hotel.
Doors will be open at 6:30 pm so you can arrive, sign in, and collect your 1 voting card per team.
Attendees must be registered with the team they are signing in for.
Besides the attached Board proposal, there will be 3 membership based proposed amendments for membership to vote on and ask any questions for clarification if need be.

MAY 30, 2017

THE STRATH (919 Douglas St)


1. Presentation of credentials

2. Roll call (Jake Nemec)

3. Minutes of previous AGM

4. Business arising

5. Officers’ reports

i. President (Vince Greco)
ii. Financial (Keith Smith)
iii. Discipline (Dan Romain)

6. Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws (Dan Greco)

7. Amendment to the Rules and Regulations

i. Rule amendment to avoid possible conflict of interest (Allan Jorgensen)
ii. “On second occasion” proposal (Al Hood)
iii. Permits for Masters age players (Stefan Hall)

8. Sponsor recognition

9. Elections

10. Ongoing business

i. ID cards
ii. Referees
iii. Travel assistance

11. New business

12. Adjournment

Here are last years AGM minutes in which we will entertain to adopt them as circulated under AGM business #3.

MAY 30, 2016
THE STRATH (919 Douglas Street)

Regrets: Bill Murphy, Danny Greco
Recording Secretary: Samantha Cowden
This meeting was called to order at: 7:07

1) Presentation of credentials
2) Roll Call (Jake Nemec)
The following teams are not represented at the AGM:
Teams with an * will receive a fine for non-attendance.

Division Team Name
Division 1 *Bays, Cowichan, Comox, Nanaimo
Division 2 *Vantreights, Cermaq City Wave, Nanaimo, Powell River, Cowichan
Division 3A *Hellas, *Lakehill, *Saanich Braves, Alberni
Division 3B *Fernwood, *Vic West, *Prospect Lake Cap City, *Bays, Nanaimo
Division 4A *Zgoda, *SFFC Shady Lane, *Vic West, Penelakut
Division 4B *PLSC Kal tire, *Gorge
Masters *Lakehill, *Prospect Lake, Nanaimo, Salt Spring, Cowichan
Under 21 *Gorge, *Lakehill, Mid Isle Mariners, Nanaimo

3) Minutes of previous AGM
a) motion to accept the minutes as distributed in electronic form
b) 1st Al Hood
c) 2nd Murray Smith
d) all in favor no opposed
4) Business arising

5) Officers’ reports
a) President (Vince Greco) Please see attached

b) Financial (Keith Smith)
i) team applications are due July 15th with a $200 payment
ii) Statement of receipts and financial statement is on the counter for anyone that wants to take a look.
1. The number of teams went from 85 to 81 in the year. We’ve had a drop 3 or 4 years in a row now.
2. sponsor is up to $34750 from $30450
a. Game balls which were paid for last year (last year’s expense). We sold 69 in the year (revenue) and we have 111 balls left.
3. field rentals look like they have gone down but it’s actually because we received from the Jackson Cup Final
4. Regional Training Centre reimbursed referee fees. We only had two referees that went and got their ticket this year and they were reimbursed for 50% of their fees
5. In the admin expenses
a. Medical expenses $3250
i. Medical – Lifemark concusion baseline & movement assessment.
6. There are some funds still owed to teams for BC Cup travel.

c) Discipline (Dan Romain)
i) sheet at the front for card breakdown per division
ii) red and yellow cards are down from last year
iii) violent conduct was down as well
iv) serious foul play was up a tad
v) for the most part it was down or some averages
vi) red cards up in some divisions and down in others
vii) interpretations from yellow and red cards could be good or bad

d) Registration (Cees Van Delft)
i) down to 1823 players registered, about 60 down from the year before
ii) July 15th deadline and $200 payment
iii) when you are registering players online please make sure that everything is complete and entered

6. Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws (none)

7. Amendment to the Rules and Regulations
a. BC Soccer let us know that all administration fines do not need approval from the membership
i. fines for travelling team forfeitures
ii. anything up to Nanaimo stays $250
iii. anything north of Nanaimo is an extra $250 on top of what is already fined – now totaling $750
iv. going to Powell River increase by $500 (now totaling $1500)
v. anything that involves a ferry is another $250 on top of what is already fined – now totaling $500
vi. if you forfeit a game but then weather would have prevented the game from being played it is not going to be considered a forfeit, it will be rescheduled.
vii. if you forfeit a game less than 24 hours before kick off not only will you get the forfeit fine but you will also incur the cost of the game (field, Refs ect)
viii. extra revenue from these fines is going to the teams that have been forfeited on.
ix. forfeit costs will go both ways
8. Sponsor Recognition
a. Please see attachment

9. Elections
a. Kjeld
i. Vice President currently Bill Murphy and he would like to continue
1. Appointed
ii. Secretary currently Jake and he has indicated that he would like his name to stand
1. Appointed
iii. Director (2 year terms)
1. Geri Dickson
2. Rick Hood
3. Denis Somner
4. No nominations for the 4th position
a. all would like to stand
b. all are continuing as directors

10. Ongoing business
a. Online Permits
i. had its problems at the beginning but most kinks have been worked out
ii. wanted to make sure that everyone understands that the online permits is the only way we are going to continue with permits
iii. anything to do with cup play cannot use online permits but must use paper ones only.
iv. The only people that can sign off on the forms are the administrators
v. CRC – everyone that is permitting from LISA must have a criminal records check on file at the office. the person that has the criminal record check on file and is permitting the player has to be the team administrator
vi. changes will be added to the handbook before the next meeting.

11. New Business
a. Div.1 Standards Committee
i. presentation of the league
1. requiring all teams to have two pairs of socks
2. matching under garments
3. capping roster sizes
4. inter league play with mainland teams
5. adjusting the length of the season
6. reducing the division down to 8 teams
7. just ideas any feedback would be great
a. if you have anything don’t hesitate to ask

12. Adjournment 7: 55


Hope to see a good turnout in 2 weeks time.

Vince Greco
VISL President


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