Strathcona Hotel and Heineken team up for a little bit of fun. CAPTAIN's NIGHT OUT

Posted by Vince Greco on Oct 15 2017 at 12:08PM PDT

I think it is safe to say that if you want your team to do well and play well as a unit, then you need to come together a bit and have some fun together. That is why Grant Olson of the Strath and Brent Dobbie of Heineken (Molson/Coors) have teamed up to create a Captain’s Night Out in the Sticky Wicket. A great way for the Captain to sow some leadership and build some team spirit.
Get a group of your squad down to the Strath after you text Grant or the Sticky Wicket Manager – then Brent will buy you a Heineken and Grant will supply you with some snacks no charge as well. If you plan to stick around, you get a stamp for the nightclub Distrikt downstairs.
Not sure how you cannot have a good time.
From out of town ? No problem, the Strath can set you up with some hotel rooms and you will get a phenomenal price – and you don’t need to worry about driving.
Great value from our Title Partner as well as our Gold Sponsor.

Enjoy responsibly, don’t drink and drive, have fun, get a free pass from your girlfriend/wife ….etc etc.*


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