VISL Semi Annual Cup Draw Meeting - Monday January 8/2018 - Distrikt @ Strathcona Hotel - 7 PM

Posted by Vince Greco on Nov 23 2017 at 12:16AM PST

In accordance with BC Soccer Bylaw Article 7, Section 1(b), the VISL Board is now requesting submissions of proposed bylaw and rule amendments for consideration at the 2018 Semi Annual General Meeting. We are planning to have a Special Meeting after the completion of the standard Cup Draw Meeting.

BC Soccer’s Bylaw Article 7, Section 1(b) states: (and we obviously transfer it over and apply it to the VISL Meetings)

Proposed amendments or additions to the Constitution and Bylaws will only be considered if submitted, in writing, to the VISL by a registered member, or by the Board of Directors of the VISL. Notice of motion of the proposed changes or amendments must be received by VISL at least forty-five (45) days prior to any general meeting.
Membership shall be circulated with copies (via website) of all proposed amendments or changes at least thirty (30) days prior to the General Meeting.

Based on the above, please submit any proposed bylaw or rule amendments to VISL by end of Monday November 27, 2017. The VISL will then make sure to publish those proposed changes as well as an Agenda by December 9/2017.

We usually have an agenda that follows closely to this below:

Below is the agenda:

1. Roll Call

2. President’s Report

3. Sponsorship Presentation

4. Transfer Deadline & Player Signings


6. New Business

7. Cup Draws

8. Adjournment

Please submit all proposed Bylaw and/or Rule amendment to the attention of Vince Greco, President & to Jake Nemec, Secretary as per the details below.

Vince Greco –
Jake Nemec –