Outstanding Fees & Fines Owing as of January 22 2018

Posted by Vancouver Island Soccer League on Dec 19 2017 at 12:58PM PST

The following are the outstanding fines and fees as of January 22, 2018. These fines are due prior to your first cup game or your team will not be eligible for cup play. If you have any questions, please contact treasurer Keith Smith

Vantreights (1) $50 Semi-annual AGM non-attendance
Lakehill (2) $100 Late BCSA Affiliation form & Semi-annual AGM non-attendance
FC Sagres (3A) $50 Phone fine
Juan de Fuca Pilgrims (3A) $200 McGavin Cup fee & Phone Fine & Semi-annual AGM non-attendance
Powell River (3A) $100 Late BCSA Affiliation form & Phone fine
Campbell River (3B) $250 Forfeit
Gorge (3B) $50 Phone fine
Peninsula (4B) $50 Late BCSA Affiliation form
Tritons (4B) $500 Forfeit
Peninsula (Masters B) $50 Late BCSA Affiliation form


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