Registration & ID Card Issues on website.

Posted by Vancouver Island Soccer League on Sep 13 2013 at 07:45PM PDT

To clarify – new players to the VISL (guys that did not play last year) have a 1 game grace period to get their ID card in order. They can play without their ID card if they bring photo ID and if 2 copies of the player registration are given to the referee before the start of the game.
If it is a returning player – he needs to bring his ID card. No ID card = no play. EXCEPTION – if you have been going through any of the Team Pages registration experience, you may have noticed some glitches this past week. Fraser & Cees have been working hard to try to sort it out – with direction from Derek at Team Pages. The issue is still not ironed out, and some players are not even getting an ID # attached to their player card. Some player cards cannot print out with the ID #’s on them, some are being printed out in a weird format.
Bottom line, if you could not get a card today from Lori at the soccer office (who was on fire and did a ton of cards for people) and it was because of a computer glitch, send us an email with your team name, the player name, and we will give the OK for that player if he was registered properly. This will not be allowed for people who did not register on time – strictly computer glitches on the website. Lori was able to get to all cards that were handed in by 6 pm today – so anything afterwards – the exception does not apply to.

Thanks to those who had the patience to hang out at the soccer office and wait for their cards as well as listen to some people over react, whine, swear, and leave in a huff.

Issues can be emailed to:

Vince Greco –, or text to 250-889-1213
Fraser Sim –, or text to 250-886-0339
Cees VanDelft –
Start your email with your name, your team and the division your playing in.

Registration problems – Update 3
Posted by Vancouver Island Soccer League on Sep 04 2013 at 12:26PM PDT .More editing options
In order to ensure Managers / Admins log in to the website before proceeding into the Online Registration area, you will not see the links on the left side of the page UNTIL you do.

To avoid delays, please ensure you log in to the TeamPages home page before starting your online registration. Once logged in go to Online Registration and enter your password or the one provided for you for your team. You will find this will reduce a lot of frustration and allow you to get your players registered quickly.(Monday 9th)

Some older versions of Internet Explorer may not allow for the drop down boxes to show when registering players therefore not allowing you to choose the player for your team. In this case download Google Chrome, log in and try again.(Friday)
I have been in contact with Team Pages and run through some registrations for different teams. The fixes they applied this morning appear to have cleaned up the problems that existed with the roll over from last year and removed the conflicts with ID’s and players remaining on rosters.
If problems persist, please email me at or text me at 250-886-0339 (please do not phone as this is a work cell) and let me know what problem you are having.

Fraser Sim
Past President