Changes to Constitution - AGM Monday May 26, 7 pm at City Centre. ( 1961 Douglas St )

Posted by Scott Metson on Apr 14 2014 at 10:52AM PDT

The VISL Board of Directors hereby gives notice of intent to amend/update the Constitution of the VISL. The Constitution is out of date and has not been updated for quite some time. Most of these changes are minor wording changes, however, there are a few that are more substantial…

Article 5 Duties of Officers

4. replace “President and/or the Vice-President and Treasurer” with “any two of the following: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Past President.”

6. Replace the whole sentence with “Auditors may be appointed by the executive. If auditors are appointed by the executive, they shall provide their audit report prior to the annual general meeting.”

Please note the first change is changing the cheque signing authorization to what is current at the bank & the second change makes it a decision of the executive to have an audit done, not a requirement as currently an audit is not done as it would cost $10-20,000 to have an audit done each year.

Also, Articles 6-9 have been removed from the bylaws (previously voted on and accepted by the Members) and added to the handbook so that they could be amended at the board level and not just at an AGM (per Article 10).

Please review all the proposed changes by going to the website main page…clicking on Resources…then Documents…and choosing Constitution Draft…once the document is open click Markup under the View tab to see all the changes.

The Board of Directors will bring forward a motion to accept these changes at the AGM on May 26, 2014.


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