2014-2015 Discipline Procedure

Posted by Vince Greco on Sep 29 2014 at 09:28PM PDT

As mentioned at the start of this year; at the Organizational Meeting, there is a new discipline procedure in place. We are going back to a system we used to use as BC Soccer has approved it this past Provincial Cup.

Effective tonight, when you receive a red card in a game, if the offense is not deemed too extreme, there will be a suggested suspension posted on the website. Once the suggested suspension is posted, you may accept the amount or you may attend a discipline meeting in Esquimalt on the posted discipline meeting nights. If you see pending hearing on the website, you will not get a suggested suspension amount. You will just need to attend a meeting. You will need to prebook / RSVP for this, so please do not just show up or your case will not be heard as there will be no paperwork present. The person that received the red card, or the team admin will need to send me an email to state their intention of showing up. In order for the discipline committee to have time to get the necessary paperwork – please let me know as soon as you see your name posted. Should there not be enough notice before the next discipline meeting, you will be suspended till the following discipline meeting.

A reminder that all suspensions with an assessment of more than 1 game will have a $10.00 fine per game as well. Fines are payable before you participate in sanctioned activity. Failure to pay the fine will result in further sanction to the individual and/or team. Specifically, at minimum – the game, if protested, will have the result overturned. As well, the individual that did not pay their fine will have their original fine doubled. We hope it does not go that route, but everybody is held accountable.
Another reminder that only regulation games count towards the serving of a suspension. Should your opposition forfeit or be the cause of an abandonment, the non offending player will have a game knocked off their suspension. The offending party will not have a game knocked off their suspension.

If you are not sure of something, there is no harm in sending an email after you have done some searching on your own…….just give some time for an answer and please do not expect your question to be answered if it is posed on game day. If you received a red and your name is not on the web, send an email – don’t pay the price later when the report comes in late for whatever reason. Yellows are being posted as they come in. While the website is considered gospel, administrative mistakes can occur and teams still need to stay on top of their totals. If a players accounting on the website does not match yours, deal with it in advance to avoid any further sanctions. Sending an email post match is not advisable and could result in further sanctions to individuals.

Another change we put in this year is the red card resulting from 2 yellow cards in 1 game. This will be just the standard 1 game suspension. No fine or discipline meeting necessary.

The email address to contact for reserving your place in Esquimalt or the procedure moving forward –

This communication is intended to be of some help prior to things going sour. It is not fun having a 6 month suspension handed out, but that is the reality of the rule and we try to follow the BC Guidelines as much as possible.

Thanks, and hoping you stay out of the book!