Smoothing out some wrinkles

Posted by Vince Greco on Oct 23 2014 at 04:42PM PDT

Attention all Team Administrators:

As a League, we had some questions for the referee’s. The referee’s had some questions for us the League, and the teams had questions for the referee’s and the League……hopefully this straightens out some confusion and we all can do some things to make soccer a little more enjoyable.

Overall, the issues that needed some clarification were:
ID Cards
Game Balls
Team Lists

So in attending the last referee’s meeting this past Monday, and in coordination with a referee committee, we put together some things that need to be addressed asap – and that will help us get where we all want to be.

ID Cards – It was stressed to the referee’s that all ID Cards need to be checked at the beginning of the game.
This is a mandatory process and should be reported to the League if it does not take place. It was also suggested, and we believe to be a great idea, that all your ID Cards be in order that your Team List is in. So hopefully team admin are using the website to print-off their game day team lists – having your ID Cards in the same order that your team list is in will make the procedure a lot smoother for everybody. We ask that you do this starting this weekend. Referee’s were reminded that no ID Card means no participate unless the situation falls under one of the allowances per our rules and regulations. We are pretty confident that this small adjustment will make a big difference, so please follow through.

Game Balls – As per our rules, the home team is supposed to provide the 2 VISL Umbro game balls. It should be noted that the visiting team is also to provide 2 VISL Umbro game balls should the home teams get lost or damaged. Referee’s may want to have a look at the game balls prior to kickoff to make sure they are pumped up to proper levels etc. Be prepared to produce the game balls should the referee ask for them during the pre game process. We ask that you follow through with this as it will allow the referee’s to do their job a little easier, and hopefully prevent any issues during the game.

Team Lists – Please have a look through our rules and make sure all the necessary info is on them. Everything should be filled out and be available for the referee at least 15 minutes prior to kickoff. Again, we urge team admin to use the website to print off lists – it should make your lives a lot more simple and eliminate any administrative mistakes. Referee’s are providing us with important information about permitted players, so please make sure your paperwork is in order. Please ensure all the ID #‘s and jersey #’s are listed – even the GK should have a jersey #.

Safety – we all have let this go the last couple years, so it is back on the radar as there has been some problems across Canada. Please note and make sure that all grass fields need anchors for the goal posts. No anchors will be an automatic fine. Referee’s should be insisting on an anchor – if there is no anchor, the game may not be played which = a bigger fine. We all want to avoid this, hopefully all teams will have anchors by this weekend, but for sure by next weekend.
It should also be noted that teams really need to have a med kit available.
Also, as a League we do not have anything formal in place for concussion protocol. This is up to your teams to sort out, and we really hope you do.

Finally, there is a referee entry level course on Jan 8-10 here in town. As further info is available, we will post. As a League we will cover at least 50% of your registration fee for this once a passing grade is given.
If you are interested in this, please let me know.

Any other questions, team admin are more than encouraged to drop me an email at

Thanks all, hope the season is going well !