BC Soccer Discipline Guidelines

Posted by Vince Greco on Nov 05 2014 at 08:22PM PST

As of right now, BC Soccer has officially approved a new Discipline Policy & Procedure manual.
(it was actually Oct 25, not what I thought which was after the Committee meeting we just had)
It is a bit of a read, brace yourself and settle in.
Here is the link to the BC Soccer website and where the link is:

Here are the Guidelines for Sanctions:

I think there is a lot in these manuals, some further clarification in a lot of areas, and some extra attention to details that are very helpful.

Something that has changed is the overall Principle of Discipline and the importance of Consecutive, Additive, & Progressive Discipline.
We have been able to successfully change a lot of guidelines that were excessive and not for the betterment of the soccer community. Also, there is some stiffer regulations and further clarification on Team Admin, League Officials, or Coaches that break rules. There is more attention on repeat offenders and situations where an ejected member continues to abuse officials.

BC Soccer will be investing time & money to properly train Discipline Chairs and League Admin across the Province. In the not too distant future, our League will be involved in this as well as piloting new recording and reporting procedures that will be a benefit to all involved.

We are still doing business as usual here as we are following those guidelines, but having this revamped document will hopefully create a standardization across the Province.

I support the direction, part of the reason I got involved with it.

Happy reading.