2014-2015 Inter Provincial Allstar games - Updated Sun Jan 11/2015

Posted by Vince Greco on Dec 10 2014 at 05:02PM PST

ANNOUNCEMENT – Tuesday December 9, 2014

You are hereby invited to come along and enjoy a fun day of top level adult mens soccer in the Fraser Valley as we announce the following ALL STAR games –

The FVSL Executive Committee along with our major sponsors SoccerCity and UMBRO are pleased to announce the details for the 2015 Summit Series All Star game, see above.

In our effort to offer different levels of competition to our membership we are continuing the All Star Summit Series, which began in 2010, against our good friends form the Vancouver Island Soccer League.
Being the current holders of the Summit Series trophy we look forward to some exciting soccer and even more good rivalry as we enter the 2015 calendar year. This year the trophy will be monitored by a security team on site (those who went to Victoria, January 2014, will know what this is about). There will be two games as follows –

• Fraser Valley Masters All Stars vs. Vancouver Island Masters All Stars
12.30pm Kick Off at Willoughby TURF South on Sat January 10/2015

• Fraser Valley All Stars (HOLDERS) vs. Vancouver Island All Stars
2.30pm Kick Off at Willoughby TURF South on Sat January 10/2015

Change rooms will be available at 11.30am – Concession will be open onsite

Post game presentations etc will take place at the Sandman Inn 8828 201 Street, Langley at 5.30pm, all are invited.


2014-12-22T13:49:08-08:00December 22 2014, at 01:49 PM PST, Vince Greco said:

The 5 people that are helping us get 2 teams to the Fraser Valley for the all-star games:

Team Sales – Moreno. or 250-388-9222
Molsons / Coors Canada – Brent.
1550’s Pub Style Restaurant – Keith @ 250-472-0047
Spankit Sports – Bill. or 250-380-1980
BMT Fleet Maintenance Centre & CVS Tours -Fraser @

Without people like these supporting us, fun ventures don’t really happen!
We like to support them as they support us !

2015-01-11T18:01:51-08:00January 11 2015, at 06:01 PM PST, Vince Greco said:

Both games went very well yesterday at Willoughby Park in the Fraser Valley.
Our Masters defeated the Fraser Valley Soccer League 1-0 on a goal in injury time by Jason Owen of UVic.
Shutout was shared by Kevin James of Gorge FC Backfit & Gary Smith of Nanaimo United.
Game MVP was center back Rob Veenhof of Gorge FC Backfit.
Game MVP for FVSL was Mark Jones who is actually a product of Victoria.

Here was the roster that made the day trip over and represented our League very well:

VISL Masters

Player Team

Darcy Kulai Gorge FC
Kevin James Gorge FC
Ryan Fusick Gorge FC
Robbie Veenhof Gorge FC
Jeff Bartlett Gorge FC
Chris Mcdonald Gorge FC
Dave Tuckey Nanaimo United
Gary Smith Nanaimo United
Mike Pettigrew Nanaimo United
Dave Ravenhill Uvic
Nick Gilbert Uvic
Dean Anderson Uvic
Rob West Uvic
Nando Dunic Uvic
Jason Owen Uvic
Jeevan Manhas Gordon Head Old School
Chad Hoskins Gordon Head Old School
Ryan Laughey Gordon Head Old School

Coaches: Moreno Stefani & JJ Atterbury Uvic & Gorge FC
Manager: Scott Longpre Gorge FC

Game took a weird twist early when keeper Kevin James came out of the game after banging his head on the turf after 3 minutes of play. Our concussion protocol was followed and he came out for a checkup and was deemed ok after 15 minutes. In the meantime, Gary Smith came in and was instantly tested and had to deflect a shot off the bar to keep the game scoreless. The rest of the half was not the VISL’s best half of soccer but it was scoreless at halftime.
2nd Half came and the VISL was unlucky not to score several times. Shots from distance and in close somehow went wide or desperately saved. It looked like PK’s was coming. The 2nd half also had the VISL back 4 playing very solid……especially as the FVSL had gone to 3 in the back to try to get some extra offence happening. All defenders had a great game back there. Coaches decided to get some PK shooters back on the field with a couple minutes remaining as it appeared that it would remain scoreless. It seemed that the fellas wanted to keep pouring on the pressure, as they came close a couple times but had no luck. The FVSL had no option to keep fouling the VISL players as the pressure was relentless. After a series of 3 fouls in the FVSL end, a free kick from 19 yards out led to a scramble in the 6 which allowed Jason Owen the opportunity to shine and creatively put the ball in the net. The VISL was very happy, the FVSL not so much. The whistle blew shortly thereafter, and for the 2nd year in a row – the VISL was able to win the Championship in the dying moments of the game.
Celebrations ensued, trophy accepted, good times followed.

The 2nd game was the Open Men’s (top flight) and it ended up being a 3-2 victory for the FVSL in a game that had plenty of opportunity and was played at a very fast pace.
Paddy Nelson of Cowichan FC scored the VISL 2 goals and was named the game MVP.
Game MVP for FVSL was their keeper.
The VISL went down 1-0 on a great goal by the FVSL and it stayed 1-0 at the half. Both teams had moments of brilliance, fairly even half. The 2nd half was a completely different story. It was the VISL who was carrying the play and were rewarded with a PK after a player was viciously taken down in the box. There was no red card, but Paddy Nelson slotted the PK, then added another near the midway point of the half. The VISL kept pouring it on and were creating chances, but the FVSL keeper came up with several great saves to keep it 2-1 for the visitors. It what seemed to be a broken play via counter, the FVSL got what seemed to be their first shot of the 2nd half which was in the back of the net. Keeper Wilson had no chance, but the A/R did have his flag up on what appeared to be an offside. After discussion, the FVSL officials decided the goal should stand. Clearly the VISL was quite stunned by this, as 2 minutes later – another goal for the FVSL to give them the 3-2 edge. The remaining 10 minutes of the game was an onslaught by the VISL – no dice = FVSL winning the game and all VISL’ers scratching their heads as to what really happened.
The first ever Allstar games double championship was not to be had, but the clubhouse was open and there was plenty of discussion.


Player Team

Paddy Nelson Cowichan FC
Tyler Hughes Cowichan FC
Jesse Winters Cowichan FC
Joel Wilson Cowichan FC
Leo Falzon Saanich Fusion
Brian Taylor Saanich Fusion
Andrew Celenza Saanich Fusion
Chris Peereboom Saanich Fusion
Ryan Andre Nanaimo United
Tony Maestrello Nanaimo United
Nathan Bird Vic West FC
Reo Kotani Vic West FC
Kyle Finner Bays United
Andrew Ravenhill Bays United
Kurt Macauley Bays United
Rhyse Harden Bays United

Coaches: Steph Steiner & Rich Fast Saanich Fusion & Bays United

Great day overall. The Fraser Valley Soccer League and Vancouver Island Soccer League continue to make efforts to advance the level of amateur soccer in British Columbia. Special thanks to the FVSL President Dave Hleuka and Administrator Thomas Mills who share our vision and who continue to be formidable opponents.

We will do it again in January 2016, but it will be in Victoria !

Vince Greco
VISL President